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Chinua Joi Ivey, MA

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About Single Mom Love Magazine

Single Mom Love Magazine, affectionately known as SML Mag, first launched in 2014. Now with a new look and feel, platform, contributors, and perspectives, SML Mag has returned better than ever! SML Mag is strategically positioned to reach more readers with the information and entertainment that matters most to them. Single Moms are a diverse group of women who range in age, marital status, cultural background, economic status, and more. They are not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all group. SML Mag addresses the unique challenges single moms face from a place of understanding and support. Likewise, SML Mag celebrates the many odds that single moms overcome as they nurture their children through adolescence into young adulthood and beyond while balancing career, health, and other personal goals. Featuring an unparalleled level of understanding and encouragement, SML Mag offers applicable, real-life content that can help mothers live their best lives. Our belief is that, "Single doesn't mean you're alone." Join our community of support and friendship, subscribe today! Single Mom Love Magazine is the first custom digital publication of Ivey Media Agency.  Chinua Joi Ivey is the Editor-in-Chief and the President of Ivey Media Agency. 

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